About what?  The blog?  The moaning and groaning of one young twenty-something man hoping to earn an honest living while living life to its fullest?  Or about how I write these articles and where the inspiration comes from?  Or is this area just a mind-dump, somewhere to write garbage and mumbo-jumbo until I either get inspired and write something worth-while or get bored and instead decide to go driving or play video games? 

Maybe I’m supposed to write something about my muse?  I can’t do that.  I don’t have a “muse”… not really anyway.  My fiance wouldn’t like that much as she might worry that I’m sleeping with the muse.  That shouldn’t be a concern however.  I can’t think that if you’ve got a good muse, someone to inspire you to do great things, you should go mess that up by sleeping with them.  Is it possible to have a hot and heavy relationship with them?  Yes.   And you should because that hot and heavy, sexy relationship will inspire you.  But do not fool around with her.

Don't sleep with Muses

Because then she’ll become a mistress.  And mistress’ mean trouble.  They’ll go and hold up your life like a robber does with a bank, blackmailing you for all you’ve done and created, and then leave when they’ve used you up.  You become a drug to them and them a drug to you.  It’s just not healthy.  Kind of like purposely ramming your Aston Martin into the back of a tractor-trailer or taking your Lambo out for a drive during rush hour on icy roads in the middle of January.  It’s detrimental to both your health and your wallet.  And it’s heartbreakingly sad.  No one wants to see a beautiful car totaled, and no one wants their heart broken. 

Of course, that breaking heart could be the last inspiration from that particular muse.  Surely, a new muse with come along eventually, but for now, you’ll be sad.  Certainly, there are a number of artists and authors who use their broken hearts to provide subject material for their works.  There is an inherent problem with doing so:  the work becomes that of the “emo” variety, which as everyone knows, means that it’s irrelevant. 

I find it hard to feel bad for someone who makes it a point to feel bad about themselves all the time, and I find it even harder to find value in their art.  I’m sorry, but if your goal is to make me feel bad because you feel bad, it’s not going to work.  You’re more likely to cause me to laugh at your pain, which probably isn’t the point you’re trying to make. 

This brings me back to the point of not sleeping with your muse.  She’ll inspire you as a mistress.  Then, at some point, she’ll decide to go “inspire” with someone else, which will inevitably cause you to create meaningless crap.  And that meaningless crap only belongs one place:  The Lifetime Network.


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